Signs You Need to Replace Your Dental Fillings

Perhaps it’s common knowledge that dental fillings are not long-lasting. This means that normal wear and tear do demand their replacement. While fillings protect teeth from injury and decay, their use fades as they disintegrate or fall out.

However, you are at greater risk of gum or oral infection and tooth decay if you do not have them. Thus, it’s critical to recognize when your tooth filling needs to be updated if you want to avoid future dental issues.

Read on to learn more about dental fillings and know exactly when you need to replace them.

The Function of Dental Fillings

Unfortunately, dental fillings do not simply last forever. Consumption, drinking, and, in particular, teeth clenching and grinding all wear down fillings. They can chip, shatter, or even fall out with time. Because of this, gums and teeth are then left unprotected.

As a result, tooth decay can grow beneath or near the filling. Untreated decay can infect the dental pulp, causing excruciating pain, the need for a root canal, or the loss of a tooth.

Signs You Need Filling Replacement

Routine dental examinations may identify problems with past fillings. When it comes to fillings, the following symptoms indicate that it may be time for a replacement.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity in the mouth is a common indicator of decay. A worn-out or absent filling makes a tooth more sensitive to hot, cold, and sweet foods. Contact with a finger, toothbrush or other dental equipment may cause your teeth to become highly sensitive.

  • Pressure When Chewing

If you apply pressure to a tooth when biting or chewing, your filling or dental pulp may be destroyed.

  • Disturbing Pain

A throbbing toothache is never a pleasant sensation. This pain could be caused by eating or drinking. It can also happen while you’re not chewing at all. When it’s time to repair a filling, the cold winter air might induce oral pain or sensitivity.

Inflammation of the dental pulp is a common cause of toothaches. If you are in pain, do not put off seeing a dentist for your own or your teeth’s sake. Irreversible necrosis occurs when infected dental pulp is left untreated for an extended period of time.

  • Physical Damage

You may notice obvious damage to your filling or tooth, in addition to pain and discomfort. Examine your teeth for holes, dark stains, and fillings that are fractured, cracked, splitting, or missing.

The Types of Dental Fillings

Fillings that match the colour of the patient’s teeth are now available. To repair broken or cracked teeth, tooth-coloured materials such as ceramic and plastic composites are employed.

The material and placement of the filling impact the cost, performance, durability, and lifetime of the filling.

  • Metal 

Metal fillings include silver, copper, tin, and mercury. Amalgam fillings are strong, wear-resistant, and long-lasting.

Gold or amalgam fillings can last up to 15 years. Because these fillings do not match the colour of the tooth, they are clearly visible.

  • Composite 

Acrylic resin and glass-like crushed particles are used to make composite fillings. These tooth-coloured fillings will not change the appearance of your teeth.

Compact composite fillings are long-lasting, fracture-resistant, and can withstand light chewing. Amalgam fillings should be replaced after five years, while ceramic fillings should be replaced after seven years.

  • Glass Ionomers

These fluoride fillings not only restored teeth, but they also protected them. Glass ionomers are made using organic acid and fluorinated glass powder. When these chemicals are combined, a robust tooth-coloured repair that releases fluoride is formed.


As unpleasant as they are, we all encounter or suffer from dental problems. Thankfully, through advanced medical technology, there are options to help us restore our smile and achieve an improved oral health. Remember that you must consult your dentist to determine which type of replacement filling is appropriate for your teeth.

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