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Childrens & Paediatric Dentistry Sydney

We offer child-friendly paediatric dental treatment that includes sophisticated equipment with the most current dental techniques specifically designed for treating children. In addition, our dental professionals have thorough training in adolescent, infant and paediatric dentistry to help make dental visits rewarding and non-threatening experiences for you and your child.

When to bring in your child?

We suggest that your child’s first dental visit should be around the age of 3.

This allows us to check that all baby teeth are developing well, dental hygiene is good and to begin a positive relationship with dental check-ups!

It is very important that if you’re afraid of the dentist you don’t reflect those fears on your child, but rather get them excited for their visit.

FREE Preventative Children’s Dentistry Under 12

If your child is eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme under Medicare, they will be entitled to $1000 worth of dental treatment. We bulk bill so there are no out of pocket expenses! Call our practice and we can help you find out if you’re eligible!

If they are not eligible for the Medicare scheme and you have a Private Health Fund, we offer GAP FREE dentistry for all children up to 12 years old. Terms and conditions, and exclusions apply.

Otherwise without either of these options it will be $80 for a Check-up, Clean and Flouride.

Why should I get their teeth checked early?

Early detection of dental problems

Regular checkups can help identify dental problems early on, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and misalignment of teeth, allowing for prompt treatment.

Education and guidance

Dentists can educate parents and children on proper oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, to maintain good oral health.

Positive dental experiences

Regular checkups can help children become comfortable with going to the dentist and reduce fear and anxiety associated with dental visits, setting the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health habits.

Improved overall health

Poor oral health has been linked to a range of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory problems. Regular dental checkups can help maintain good oral health and reduce the risk of these health issues.

Reduced risk of future dental problems

By detecting and treating dental issues early on, regular checkups can help reduce the risk of more serious dental problems in the future.

Preventative care

Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments can prevent dental problems from developing in the first place, and help maintain good oral hygiene.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a preventive treatment that involves applying a protective coating to the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth. This sealant acts as a barrier, preventing bacteria and food particles from getting trapped in the deep grooves of the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.

With our expertise in children’s dentistry and a focus on early childhood dental care, we are committed to providing the highest quality dental treatment for infants, children, and teenagers.


Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless Steel Crowns are an increasingly popular option used to restore a primary (baby) tooth that has significant breakdown or decay.

It is a preformed crown that is glued onto the tooth to prevent further decay and last the length of the tooth’s life before it exfoliates. This is a more desirable treatment option over fillings as they don’t require local anaesthetic and have a higher success rate.

Convenient and Compassionate Care

If you search for “children’s dentist near me in Sydney,” you’ll find The TLC Dentist. We have a reputation for offering convenient hours, including 24-hour emergency services and evening appointments. Also, we offer complete orthodontics for adolescents, young children and adults, all in one convenient location in Sydney.

We believe in more than just treating the immediate problem. This is why we offer proactive children’s dentistry to help avoid future dental problems and teach good oral hygiene. We can help teach your children the value of flossing and brushing, using fluoride and more.

Through routine appointments and compassionate care targeted toward young children, we work to build a trusting relationship with our patients to reduce the general anxiety that comes with visiting the dentist. The goal is to teach your children great oral hygiene young so they have healthy and bright smiles throughout their lives.

A Full Range of Children’s Dental Care Services

Our children’s dental clinic offers professionals with training to help fearful or young children. We utilise the most advanced techniques with every patient, including general anaesthesia and outpatient sedation.

With proven understanding and expertise in facial and oral growth and development, early childhood dental care, dental trauma and preventative dentistry, our dental team works to make each child as calm and comfortable as possible to ensure good results. We have built a reputation as children’s dentists in Sydney who can provide a full range of services for ever y child, including the following:

Teeth Whitening

Don’t waste your money and try to whiten your children’s teeth at home. Not only can this be a stressful situation, but you won’t get the results you desire. Our professional-grade teeth whitening options will help you figure out the best way to whiten and brighten your child’s smile.

Orthodontics Braces

You want your child to have an even and healthy smile, but it’s common for adult teeth to come in with gaps or crooked teeth. Getting braces early can help shift the teeth back into the correct position without having to worry about overcoming problems with jaw structure and facial bone positioning like adults would. Our team will help figure out which types of orthodontic braces are best for your child and walk them through the process so they know what to expect.

Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can be stressful and traumatising for some children, and sedation dentistry is the best way to keep them calm and relaxed. Our staff has the training and knowledge to safely offer sedation to your child to help complete their dental checkup, cleaning or services with little to no stress for you and your child.

Dental Emergencies

Our children’s dentistry services include dental emergencies. If your child suffers from dental trauma, gum or facial swelling or a toothache, our staff are on hand to help get them an appointment as soon as possible. We can also prescribe antibiotics to help fight off an infection or help with the pain.

Visit The TLC Dentist for Children’s Dental Services in Sydney

Learning good oral hygiene starts early, and our dedicated and professional staff is ready to build a relationship with your family. We encourage you to reach out and contact us to set up an appointment for your child to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

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