Discolouration Reasons and Remedies Your Dentist Must Mention

There are many reasons why your pearly whites can become discoloured. Some of the most common include drinking coffee or tea, smoking cigarettes, and eating certain foods. Other causes can include certain medications, ageing, and illnesses.

It may affect your self-confidence if you’re not smiling as much because your teeth are discoloured. But there are some practical ways to get rid of discoloured teeth, which your dentist should tell you. 

Some of these reasons your teeth gain unsightly marks or stains can be controlled by the individual, such as diet and lifestyle choices, while other causes, such as ageing or genetics, are out of the individual’s control. 

Factors that can cause teeth to become discoloured include what someone eats and drinks, whether or not they smoke, and how well they take care of their teeth. Additionally, some medications can cause teeth to become discoloured, as can trauma to the teeth. Let’s explore some of the more persistent reasons and remedy them in today’s article:

Reason #1: Diet

The foods we eat and drink can greatly impact the whiteness of our teeth. Some foods and drinks can cause our teeth to become stained and discoloured. To help keep our teeth white and healthy, it’s important to be aware of which foods and drinks can cause staining and limit our consumption. Take note of the following food groups:

  • Carbohydrates: Some of the tastiest foods can damage tooth enamel because of their sugar content.
  • Sweet snacks: Snacks high in sugar can damage your teeth in a few ways. First, the sugar can cause cavities by eating away at the tooth enamel. Next, sugar can also lead to gum disease by promoting the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Sweet drinks: Sugared beverages can cause your teeth to appear darker because the sugars and acids in them can attack your white enamel.
  • Dark-coloured foods and beverages: Eating or drinking dark-coloured foods and beverages can cause your teeth to become less white. The pigments in these foods and drinks can attach to your teeth and cause them to appear stained.

When eating or drinking any of these foods, it’s important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly to reduce or remove stains. Rinsing with water isn’t enough; you need to use toothpaste to clean your teeth and prevent stains.

Reason #2: Smoking

Most dentists have declared smoking one of the main reasons teeth become discoloured. The nicotine and tar in tobacco stains teeth; over time, the stains can become permanent. If you smoke, your teeth will likely become yellow or brown. If you stop smoking, the stains may fade, but they will probably never disappear completely. We recommend not picking up the habit altogether or quitting it completely if you want your pearly whites to remain somewhat shiny and sparkly.

Discolouration Remedies

Aside from overhauling your diet from a carb-based one to a balanced program of carbs, fibre, and protein and not smoking, good old-fashioned habits such as regular brushing, flossing, and professional teeth whitening can maintain your teeth’s pearly whiteness.


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