Oral Health 101: 6 Common Dental Issues That Kids Experience

It’s no secret that many people go through various dental health issues. While a good percentage of adults have these issues, children are the easier targets, given that they don’t care much about dental care. Sometimes, they aren’t given the proper dental care when they should be. This leaves them susceptible to various dental health issues. Parents must teach their kids how to care for their teeth in a way that will ensure good dental health, starting from a young age.

This article lists down some of the most common dental issues children face. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Bad Breath

Bad breath is common, and children are almost expected to have it. The problem is that they might not be aware that they are suffering from it. Therefore, it will be up to parents to ensure that they know how to take proper oral health care.

If you often smell children’s breath, there’s a high chance they are suffering from bad breath. This is why parents need to have their kids visit the dentist when they have a foul-smelling breath.

#2 – Gum Disease

There are two types of gum disease among children:

  • Gingivitis – the presence of inflamed gums.
  • Pyorrhea – the presence of large amounts of bacteria in the mouth.

Both types of gum disease are prevalent in children. They should visit the dentist once they reach 6 years of age. By doing so, you can get early treatment for your child’s gum disease. If the condition is left untreated, it can easily lead to tooth loss and other problems.

#3 – Over-Retained Baby Teeth

Some parents are so worried about their kids that they don’t want to take out the baby teeth. This is very dangerous because the baby teeth are responsible for developing permanent teeth.

They can cause a lot of harm to your children by being left in. They can easily damage permanent teeth. The baby teeth can also increase your child’s chances of having tooth decay and dental issues. If you have noticed your child’s baby teeth taking a long time to fall out, you should see the dentist immediately.

#4 – Sensitive Teeth

Mild oral sensitivity is normal for adults, but it’s not the same for kids. Children need to be made aware of their dental issues. They should be given proper dental maintenance to deal with the problem.

If you notice your child’s teeth are sensitive, there’s a high probability they have cavities. This is why they should be given dental care as soon as possible.

#5 – Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is commonly referred to as bruxism. This is a severe dental problem that not many people know about. It’s usually caused by stress, and it can cause a lot of harm to your teeth in a short time.

If your child is suffering from this, they will probably end up with tooth damage and even gum tissue damage.

#6 – Thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a habit that many kids have. They suck their thumbs, and they cannot stop doing so because they are more comfortable doing so. This habit can easily cause teeth misalignment, and it can also lead to mouth injuries. Therefore, you must rectify the problem as soon as possible. The best solution is to take your child to the dentist and discuss your concerns with the dentist.

#7 – Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common dental issue that almost all children suffer from. Some studies show that over 90% of children have suffered from tooth decay at some point.

This problem sometimes goes unnoticed until the teeth become so damaged that they must be treated. This is why parents must ensure that their child’s teeth are taken care of.

What Parents Can Do

There are some ways for parents to correct these problems. These include:

Brushing Teeth

Parents must teach the value of brushing their children’s teeth. By doing so, you will ensure the best dental health for your kids. They need to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Before they go off to school, they should brush their teeth thoroughly to have fresh breath when they get to school.


Flossing is also an essential part of dental care. It’s much more important for kids to floss their teeth because they have shorter teeth, and they can’t reach the inner parts of the mouth properly. Flossing is what will ensure that you can have a thorough cleaning. This will ensure good oral health for your child.

Regular Checkups

You need to take your child to the dentist regularly. The dentist will detect any dental problems that are not easy to see. They will also help your child in whichever way they can.


Children need as much dental care as adults do. This is why parents need to ensure that their kids receive proper dental care. By making sure that they visit the dentist regularly, brush their teeth, and floss their teeth daily, you will ensure that they have good dental health until they grow up.

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