What to Expect from Your Upcoming Root Canal Procedure

For most people, undergoing a dental procedure can be a daunting experience, especially if they do not have any idea of what to expect. The thing is, dentists are always helpful enough to orient their patients about their process, so by the time that the patient is already sitting on the dental chair, they are no longer afraid of what’s coming next.

One such procedure that people are usually concerned about is the root canal treatment.

If you are scheduled to undergo the same process, and you do not know what to expect, there is no need to worry. We have listed a couple of examples below that may help you prepare for it.

1. Your Initial Visit with the Dentist.

The first step of the procedure consists of getting a check-up by the dentist to determine if you really need a root canal treatment or not. Depending on the extent of the infection and the tooth’s damage, the dentist may either re-treat it or recommend its extraction.

2. The Root Canal Treatment Itself.

During the procedure, your dentist will numb the tooth that needs to be treated and then drill a hole on the tooth’s surface to open the inner cavity. As you may already know, the root canal is a narrow tunnel that can only be accessed by thin files. The dentist will put a special disinfected solution on the root canal to clean it during the procedure and then rinse it with sterile water. After that, they will place a rubber plug on the root canal and seal it with special material.

3. The Procedure’s Finalization.

As soon as the procedure is done, your dentist will give you some instructions to follow. In some instances, the dentist may recommend that you apply an antibacterial ointment on the treated tooth. Make sure to follow everything precisely to ensure that the treatment is effective.

4. The Cost of the Procedure.

If you are wondering about the costs associated with the root canal, the process is not really costly for most people. While the cost of the procedure varies from one office to another, the average cost is between $500 to $1,500.

5. After-Effects of the Procedure.

Although some patients have experienced mild pain after the treatment, the procedure is not that painful. You will normally experience tooth sensitivity for a couple of days. You just need to brush your teeth gently to make sure that the tooth’s sensitivity is minimised.

6. Rescheduling the Procedure.

The most important thing to remember is that you should call your dentist right away if you feel any kind of pain or if the tooth becomes swollen. If you wait for the pain to go away in a couple of days, you may be in for a surprise because the tooth may get worse and even rot.


Overall, if you are already dreading your upcoming root canal treatment, you should remember that the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. What’s more, your dentist will be guiding you during the whole process to make sure that you are comfortable and not in any form of pain.

After the treatment, your dentist will also give you some instructions to follow so that you may recover well and be on your way to full-dental health.

Indeed, there is nothing to fear about the root canal procedure other than fear itself.

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