6 Mistakes That You Need to Avoid With Dental Implants

One of the things you need to consider when you are a candidate for dental implants is that there are a lot of factors that need to be considered so you can avoid mistakes when it comes to getting this dental procedure.

Here are six mistakes you need to know so you can avoid them with your dental implants.

1. Not Considering All Possible Options

If you have a missing tooth, you have to have a dental implant. This is a common misconception that many people have. In fact, there are other options you can consider so you can get your tooth back and they include getting a dental bridge or a dental prosthesis.

If you want to get dental implants and your dentist is not open to other options, then you need to consider another dentist who can help you.

2. Not Completing Your Recovery Time

Before you can start on the road to recovery, you need to know that you need to give your body the time it needs to heal. This means you have to be patient and allow your tissues to heal completely. You need to get rid of the infection that can be the main cause of your pain in the area where you had the tooth removed.

If you don’t allow your body to heal completely from the procedure, you can get a dry socket which can lead to other problems like infections and bad breath. Not completing your recovery time can also lead to other complications.

3. Not Following Your Dentist’s Recommendations

Not following your dentist’s recommendations can lead to further dental problems that you do not know exist.

When you are a candidate for dental implants, your dentist will give you a dental care regimen that you need to follow so you can keep your new implant in good shape. This will include brushing and flossing it, keeping it away from acidic foods, and avoiding smoking for the first three months.

The main reason for your dentist’s recommendation is to keep your implant healthy and avoid complications and further dental problems.

4. Not Mentioning Your Medical History

When you are a candidate for any procedure, you need to tell your dentist about your medical history so they can prepare for it. This means you have to tell them if you have any allergies, if you have any dental work done in the past, if you’ve had an illness recently, and if you have to take any medications now.

This is important so they can prepare for any possible issues with your procedure.

5. Forgetting Good Dental Hygiene Habits

After you have dental implants, you need to continue good dental hygiene habits so you can avoid future dental problems. This means you need to brush and floss your dental implants regularly so they remain in good shape. You should also be careful eating certain foods like acidic foods and foods that are hard to chew.

This means you should maintain good habits even when you are a candidate for dental implants to avoid future complications.

6.  Not Having a Good Diet Plan

What you eat affects your health and your dental implants are no different. When you are a candidate for dental implants, you have to have a good diet plan.

If you eat too much sugar, you can get cavities which can lead to tooth decay. Too much sugar can also cause an imbalance in the bacteria in your mouth. If you have an imbalance in the bacteria in your mouth, you can get gum disease and your mouth starts to smell like rotten food.

You need to choose the right foods to eat so you can have healthy teeth, gums and dental implants.


Dental implants can be a great solution to missing teeth. And when you are a candidate for dental implants, you need to consider a few things so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and get the best out of your dental implants.

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