6 Scenarios That Simply Need Dental Filling Replacements

Oral health requires solutions for a number of individuals. For some Australians, dental filling is the exact fix they require for a better smile. For instance, those with a missing or cracked tooth would be able to benefit from a dental filling. Consult your dentist if this might be just the thing for you.

However, once you do get your dental filling, it’s important to give them the care and attention that they need. That includes recognising when they finally need to be replaced and setting a dental appointment for such a procedure.

Not sure when your dental filling would require some replacements? Here are just a couple of scenarios to watch out for to realise when you need dental filling replacements.

1) The Dental Filling Fell Out

A dental filling that had fallen out while you’re eating or talking is usually a surefire sign that the filling that you currently have is no longer a safe choice. To be more accurate, the fallen dental filling will not give you the long-term benefits that you’re looking for anymore. It’s best to have it replaced immediately.

2) The Filled Tooth is Painful

A dental filling in a tooth that is sore to the touch is usually a sign that the filling is degrading and already needs to be replaced. The pain that a person may feel is generally caused by the tooth itself being exposed to too much stress or pressure. Without a filling, it is possible that the tooth will need to be extracted.

3) There’s a Feeling of Absence

If there is a feeling of absence in your teeth or a feeling that a missing piece has suddenly disappeared from your mouth, it might be the hole in where the dental filling was once was. This is another sign that there is a dental filling replacement need, as the tooth is more exposed to potential dangers.

4) There’s Food Getting Stuck

If you are experiencing a hard time chewing or swallowing during meals, it’s possible that food could be getting stuck in the small spaces in your teeth, particularly in your missing tooth. A dental filling that is badly cracked or damaged is an open door for food to get stuck in that hole in your tooth, so have it replaced and covered up.

5) Your Teeth Feel More Sensitive

If you’ve been feeling a burning sensation from your teeth or an overwhelming sensitivity to the cold, it’s possible that your dental filling is finally weakening or wearing off. This is an obvious sign that it is time for a dental filling replacement, as the unprotected tooth will be more exposed to danger as a result.

6) The Filling Colour Changes

Dental fillings are almost never black or yellow. If yours has a discoloured hue, it is usually a sign that it’s time to replace the filling. The change in the dental filling’s colour is usually caused by the exposure to too much moisture and other environmental factors which may have an effect on the dental filling.


Dental fillings may not be as exciting as regular dental procedures, but they are just as important. And it is important to take the necessary action when you finally need to replace the dental filling that you currently have. 

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